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We have a good pool of diverse candidates including millennials, experienced, multicultural, minorities, entrepreneurs, women returning to jobs, parents of special needs kids, single parents to professionals with international exposure. We are thick with our candidates and understand their fitment like no one else.
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Reena Kapoor

Shalini Kapoor Sagar

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Women returning to work after a break often feel lost and experience lack of confidence feeling like they have no control over their own destiny. What we’re not taught in school is that you have to manage your career like a business! We have renowned Mentor-Actors and other industry professionals in theater, film and television to motivate and inspire sharing their experiences to help Women focus on what they can control and be the BOSS of their career. These insights keep them motivated and always moving forward.

Our Team

Rashmi Chopra

Ms. Rashmi Chopra is the Founder & Director at Reva HR Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Prior to this she was Director & Head Human Resources at RMS India, a US based Information Technology and Risk Management services firm where she was instrumental in Setting up India HR operations

Namrata Mitra

Ms. Namrata Mitra is the Founder & Director. Has experience with leading MNC’s, providing strong and effective leadership in driving the Admin strategy, practices, service capability and processes within the organization along with other Business Development Functions.

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